Empower your business with sustainability

What do you need to become compliant

How can you with a minimum of adjustments build sustainability into your business?

Starting with what is working already, makes good sense

Your knowledge and experience is valuable when designing meaningful sustainability that meet the demands in your market

We have experience from talking to construction workers about how the UN SDGs and international standards empower your business with sustainability

  • You get an understanding of how to develop solutions that meet future demands regarding sustainability
  • You get credibility and documentation
  • you become resilient in a changing setting with focus on sustainability and building green

What do you want?

As a subcontractor as a carpenter, plumber or electrician you will meet considerations concerning environment and sustainability if you haven’t already.

Re-use of materials is on top of the circular economy list

Solutions to reduce emissions or waste will become an asset.

  • Know your standards
  • Know the 17 SDGs
  • Know what it takes to implement sustainable solutions in your portfolio

In the future we will see further regulation on environmental and climate impact issues.

Customers will request renovations that reflect their wish to contribute. Find out how you can prepare for this change in behavior to empower your business with sustainability

Contact bystruwe and let’s talk more about impact

Annette Struwe has many years of experience as a consultant mainly in tech-bizz and facilitating workshops for management in small medium-sized companies.

The use of cases and comparable content inspire to business solutions created with the SDGs that become relevant and interesting

You may be a part of an organisation where you discuss how to get started yet haven’t found the the right approach. In the workshop you will find a mix of new inspiration through discussions and sharing of cases from your line of business.

In this workshop you are working to new sustainable measures

What do you want?

Find direction

How can your business plan involve specific sustainability actions


Inspiration to action

What are the SDGs? how can they be useful to implement in your business strategy

How will you get there?


Engage in a discussion to clarify how your experience will determine your first step

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resilience through sustainability

What change do you need to become compliant

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